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Dr. Peter Kiss

Dr. Peter Kiss is a General Dentist at Pure Dental in Kamloops. 

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Dr. Peter Kiss, Kamloops Dentist

Dr. Peter Kiss

General Dentist
DMD, University of British Columbia

Meet Dr. Kiss

As a pre-teen, Dr. Peter Kiss had at least one filling in 26 out of 28 teeth and the experience he went through to restore his teeth is something he wouldn’t wish on anyone – let alone a child. This prompted a strong desire to learn all he could about preventing dental issues, and he began his first dental career after earning his Dental Hygiene Degree from Vancouver Community College in 1988.

After several years helping people learn how to prevent dental issues, Dr. Kiss began his second dental education earning his Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from UBC in 1996. Ever since, he has been passionate about helping people prevent dental issues with a focus on education.

As a dentist in Kamloops, Dr. Kiss believes that a person’s approach to dental care is shaped at a young age based on their experiences with their dental care providers. To help patients of all ages, his goal is to create as positive an environment as he can that is tailored to each person’s unique personal and oral health needs.

Born and raised in Kamloops, Dr. Kiss has lived here his whole life, except while he was in Vancouver for his dental education. You may have met him or his wife Tara (a fellow Kamloops native) in town or at various family events they’ve attended with their two children.

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